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VT-32F Phone Recording & Wireless Mic

Model #: VT-32F

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VT-32F Phone Recorder
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Brand New Telephone Recording Device for 2011 Just Released!


The World's Best Digital Voice & Telephone Recorder with mini Wireless Microphone!


Use for Telephone Recording
Use for Cell Phone Recording
Use for Dictation
Use for Recording Lectures
Use for Wireless Room Recording (up to 98ft.)
Use as MP3 Player & FM Radio


This telephone recording device connects to your wall jack on standard (analog) home phone service. Then it can record phone calls from any telephone you use, such as a cordless phone. It doesn't matter which phone extension you use to talk on, because the recorder is connected directly into the phone line. Once you have your conversations recorded, you can either listen to them directly from the phone recorder with either the external speaker or the earphones, just by pressing the play button. If you do want to transfer the recordings to your computer, that is very easy to do as well. This device records directly into MP3 format and is plug-n-play, so there is no special software required and can be done on PC or MAC. This allows you to easily store or share the recording files with others.



Another unique feature of this recorder is there is a microphone setting button on the recorder that allows you to switch between dictation mode and conference mode. The dictation mode is good for recording from 10-40 inches the microphone, and the conference mode for over 40 inches.


These 3 accessories we include FREE that other places charge for:

1) AC Adapter
2) Wireless Microphone
3) Universal Cell Phone Adapter


The wireless microphone is about the size of two AA batteries. You can place it in a room up to 98 feet from where the recorder is and broadcasts the conversations it hears by FM signal. The recorder also has FM radio reception capabilities so you just set the recorder to the frequency of the wireless microphone and press record. (The distance you can place the microphone may vary depending on any possible interference there may be in the room.)



  • Digital Telephone Recorder
  • USB Flash Drive
  • TWO Built-in microphones for use as dictation recorder
  • Full digital design for crystal clear sound quality
  • Records Incoming and Outgoing telephone calls
  • Records both sides of the conversation
  • Built-in digital FM Radio with recording available.
  • Recording quality modes: Mono (LQ/MQ/HQ/SHQ/) and Stereo (ST1/ST2)
  • Recording Time: ~565 hours (in LQ mode)
  • MP3 Player with Five equalizer modes: (Mono, Rock, Jazz, Class, Piano)
  • LCD back-light for night-time operation.
  • USB interface for quick upload/download.
  • Uses 2-AAA batteries or AC adapter (Option that WE INCLUDE!)
  • Automatic power off (APO) function to save battery power.
  • 6 folders to manage up to 594 (6 folders x 99) messages
  • Backward trace buffer (0, 15, 30, 60 secs) available.
  • Important message and operation locking function
  • Wireless microphone (Option that WE INCLUDE!).
  • First 10-second scanning
  • Hot key for quick dictation/conference recording
  • Microphone sensitivity adjustment
  • Single song, A->B repeat function.
  • Key lock function.
  • Date stamp on recording files.
  • 2GB Memory
  • Battery Life time: approx. 12 hours (or use AC adapter)
  • Dimensions: 4" x 1-5/8" x 7/8"
  • Language: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese


Comes with everything you need to record phone calls!

  • Voice Recorder
  • Telephone Adapter
  • Telephone Connection Line
  • Earphones
  • USB Cable
  • 2 x AAA batteries
  • External Microphone that clips onto your shirt!
  • User Manual
  • Handstrap
  • Line-In Audio Cable
  • Wireless Microphone (Option that WE INCLUDE!)
  • AC Adapter (Option that WE INCLUDE!)
  • Universal Cell Phone Adapter (Option that WE INCLUDE!)


VT-32F Telephone Recording Accessories

Questions on VT-32F Phone Recording & Wireless Mic

  • From: Debby
    • Does the VT-32F Phone Recorder, record both sides of the conversation? Is it quiet or is there clicking, beeps, ect.?
    • Hi Debby, yes, it records both sides of the phone call, and there are no beeps or sounds heard on the call.
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  • From: Marry
    • Will this work on all cell phones?
    • Hi Mary, yes, it will work on all cell phones. If you take look at the picture of the universal cell phone adapter, you'll see that one end of it is a plug and the other end of it is an earpiece. You put the plug into the recorder, and the other end (the ear piece) in your ear. Then, you hold your cell phone up to that same ear and have your cell phone conversation as usual. (It doesn't actually even plug into the cell phone, that's how it's universal and will work with all brands.) There's a built in microphone in the ear piece that picks up and records both sides of the conversation.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
  • From: jimmy
    • Does this device auto record or do I have to push record each time?
    • Hi Jimmy, this model does not do automatic recording, but we do have several other models that do.
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