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Types Of Telephone Call Recording Devices

There are many types of telephone call recording devices on the market today. Telephone call recorders have become very common and are being used by individuals as well as businesses. Telephone call recording involves attaching a call recording device to the telephone line; recording devices consist of the following types:


Digital Phone Recorders: A hand-held phone recorder is inexpensive, portable and easy to use. They require minimal set up time and are very versatile. It is easier to trace problems if things go wrong. The latest models come with features such as Caller Id, digital recording and voice-to-text transcriptions.


They operate silently and can be used to record personal as well as business conversations. Some models can also be used for surveillance purposes. The voice quality is crisp and clear and superior recording is ensured. These models are free of noise or beeps when recording. They are useful for people on the move as they can be used to record notes.


FSC-1000 Telphone Recording Device     DAR-101 Phone Recording Device     FSV-256 Digital Phone Recording Device



Cassette Tape Telephone Recorders: The most well known and frequently used type of recording devices. Simple and easy-to-use, they require little to no technical knowledge to operate. Call retrieval and storage using tapes is quick and easy.


GT-TR510SC Cassette Phone Recording Device             GT-TR520SC Cassette Phone Recording Device


PC Integrated: PC Integrated telephone call recording devices are inexpensive and easy to maintain and service. Because they are PC-based, the spare parts are readily available and less technical support is required. They are very versatile. They combine functions such as live call monitoring, search, archiving and playback. They can search a call based on telephone number, code, date or duration of the call.


There are different types of High-end PC Integrated recorders. Some have built-in hard drives to store files, whereas others use the hard drive space on your PC. Inbuilt ones have a higher storage capacity and are easier to operate, but are expensive compared to those using the space on your PC. PC-integrated call recorders can work either on a network or on the Internet. This helps multiple users to access recorded calls and do live call monitoring. With PC-based telephone call recorders, you should allow extra time for troubleshooting should errors occur.


Proprietary Hardware: Primarily based on electronics and telephone call recording software. They come in all shapes and sizes and have powerful voice recording software. They can vary from one-channel boxes to those capable of recording hundreds of calls, analyzing voice patterns and integrating them with databases.


Though they work well, they can require a high level of maintenance. Repair, upgrade and maintenance are usually available through the equipment manufacturer. Upgrades may not always be possible, as the software and hardware are integrated together.


Multi-User Systems: These self-contained and centrally located call recorders are made for multiple users. They can record a large number of calls and are very reliable and error free. Due to their complex nature, they can be more expensive than other types of call recording devices. They record calls on their built-in hard drive and then copy them onto CD’s.