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Top 3 Reasons You Can Protect Your Child with a Phone Recorder

by Craig

Children are becoming more and more technologically savvy nowadays. At a young age, they already know how to use the computers and the Internet, and a lot of them own cell phones and iPods as well. Unfortunately, having these high-tech gadgets does not automatically confer maturity, and you sometimes have to resort to spying-like methods in order to protect them.

You probably have access to their Facebook, MySpace and other social networking accounts. If your child is always on the phone, however, it may not be enough to just ask them who they have been talking to and about what. To better know and protect your child, a phone recorder could be a good idea.

1) You Can Monitor Your Child’s Conversation with Friends

While most of your child’s phone calls with friends would probably be innocuous enough, a small percentage could tell you that your child may be heading in a dangerous direction. Children, especially when they become teenagers, are vulnerable to peer pressure, and while your child may not be the type to get mixed up in bad company, you can never be sure of it without knowing what their conversations with friends are like.

With a phone recorder, you could listen to your child’s phone calls and decide whether you need to intervene or not. In some cases, all it would need to divert a potentially dangerous course of action is a gentle reminder. There’s even no need to divulge the source of your information. Just pointing out possible consequences to hypothetical situations can make the child rethink his/her decision.

In some cases, however, you might need to pull out your child immediately from the area. You can only decide on which action to take, though, if you know exactly what is happening, and you can get this information from a telephone recording.

2) You Can Catch a Sexual Predator’s Efforts at Grooming Your Child

Sexual predators go where the children are, befriending them in Facebook, MySpace, or other social networking sites. Aware that these accounts could be monitored by parents, pedophiles oftentimes prefer to talk to the child directly through the telephone, knowing that the child would enjoy the thrill of having a secret friend.

If this illicit relationship is not cut short, your child could end up being victimized by the sexual predator. You can prevent this from happening with a telephone recorder. Knowing all your child’s phone conversations can help you be aware if there are any possible sexual offenders in your child’s circle of friends and help you act in a timely manner. With a phone monitoring device, you can keep on top of what is happening in your child’s life and who he/she is friends with.

3) You Can Use the Recording as Proof of Your Child’s Innocence

In extreme cases, your child may be accused of something that he or she didn’t do. A phone recording could be very useful in establishing your child’s innocence.

As a parent, it would be good if you could establish good communication patterns with your children. Nothing beats an open, honest relationship with your kids especially when they become teenagers.

However, it’s also normal for adolescents to rebel and find their own identities with peers. They turn more to their friends and may even refuse to communicate with you openly. In cases like this, a phone recorder would be an invaluable tool to have in order to protect your children and keep them safe from harm.

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