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Telephone Recording

by Craig

One of the most asked questions is how to do telephone recording. These days it’s quite simple and affordable to record phone calls. It can be as easy as a cassette phone recorder, or a little more advanced with a digital phone recorder. However, the biggest question is how to record phone calls.

Telephone recording in your home can be done in three basic ways. You can connect the recorder to any available wall jack, to a phone base, or use an ear microphone.

Connecting to a wall jack is the most popular way to do telephone recording of home phones. This method allows you to record all phone calls in the house no matter which jack the phone is connected to because you’re plugging the recorder directly into the phone line.

The next method to record phone calls is to connect a recorder to your phone base where the handset cord usually plugs in. This can only be done on phones that have a corded handset, not cordless phones. With this method, you can only record phone calls that are made or listened to on that particular phone.

The last method, and one of the newest methods, is to use a recorder that comes with an ear microphone. This is typically sold for cell phone recording purposes but can be used on any phone. It is a small microphone that you place in your ear and then put the phone over the same ear. This is very universal as it can be used with any type of phone and any type of phone service.

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