Phone Tapping

by Craig

Phone tapping is a means to catch someone who is doing something either illegal or immoral. They are illegal in all states except for law enforcement purposes. Many criminals have been apprehended due to information collected using phone taps and convicted with the same information.

Phone tapping can be used to obtain all sorts of information. Private investigators use phone tapping to catch a cheating spouse or abuse by a spouse. Everyone at one time or another has doubts about the fidelity of their spouse; this software can put their fears to rest. This technology offers piece of mind to those who are unclear as to what their spouse is up to.

The media uses it to gather juicy gossip on Hollywood stars and unsavory politicians. It can record conversations from up to a mile away. It is incredible how far this technology has come and how fast.

The fact is phone tapping is an excellent resource to gather information for different purposes. Governments use it to detect terrorism plans and capture those who try to harm others. Phone tapping is responsible for stopping terrorism attacks before they happen, saving countless lives.

When you mention the words phone tapping, an image of men sitting in a van with recording devices and bulky headphones come to mind. The simple truth is that phone tapping has come a long way and there are now several different methods that can be used.

  • A soft phone tap – this type of phone tap is becoming more popular with each passing day. The technology is second to none and many professional prefer to use this method because of the special software that is uses to listen in on a conversation. The only drawback is that the phone has to be digital at some point, and seeing as most phone companies have installed digital lines, it is not a problem to use a soft wire tap.
  • A hard phone tap – this type of phone tap is wired directly into either the phone cable or the transfer box that contains the line that you want to tap. This type of tap is virtually undetectable, both by the person being recorded and by any bug sweeping machines.
  • Transmit – this type of phone tap is really quite effective in gathering information from remote locations. It uses the airways to send the information and does not rely on wires, cables or software.

Information regarding phone tapping and where you can purchase the necessary equipment can be found by doing a simple Google search. You will find thousands of links to sites that sell the equipment and offer helpful advice. When you use online methods, you will most likely receive special discounts and promotions because online retailers want your business.

Surveillance has always been the primary means of catching the bad guys. Whether it is international espionage or a cheating spouse, phone tapping is the most effective way of gathering information that can be used in court to convict a criminal. It is irrefutable evidence that leave no room for reasonable doubt.

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