Phone Recording Devices

by Craig

There are several types of phone recording devices to choose from.  There are simple handset adapters, cassette recorders, digital recorders, and phone recording software. Which type is right for you? Let’s make the process of decision a little easier and cover each type.

The original phone recording devices were suction cup microphones that you attached to your old time telephone handset. Those have been replaced with devices you patch into the curly handset cord and then connect to your recording device. Some places still sell this type, but for the most part are obsolete now. They are too cumbersome to find a device to connect to, and many times have poor quality.

A cassette tape phone recorder and a digital recorder can either be connected to the handset or the telephone wall jack. Either way produces a good quality recording because it’s a direct connection from the telephone line to the recorder. These types of phone recording devices have been around for quite a while now and work very well. Just decide what you want to do with the recording after you have it. Do you want to store it on cassette tape, or digitally? If you have a digital copy, you may be able to use it on your computer or email it to someone.

Phone recording software is starting to become more popular. There is still quite a lot of variation between software. Some is very basic and some is very feature rich allowing editing and all sorts of technical stuff. These use a USB adapter to connect your phone to your computer by a USB port. If your ultimate need is to have your phone recording on your computer, then this may be the best device for you. It saves a step in the process because you record directly to your computer.

Between these types, there are still many different phone recording devices. At we have been in this business since 2004 and have weeded out the bad models for you. We have a selection of the most reliable phone recorders available.

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