Phone Recording A Teenager

by Craig

If you need to do phone recording of a teenager in your home, there are easy ways to accomplish this.  Depending on your phone service, you can connect a phone recorder to your main phone line and it will record phone calls made on all phones in the home.

Choosing which telephone recording device is right for you is not all that difficult. First you just need to make sure the one you choose does automatic recording. That means that whenever anyone picks up a phone in the house to make or receive a call, the phone recorder will start recording automatically. After that you just need to decide if you want a cassette recorder or a digital recorder.

A cassette telephone recorder is nice and easy to use. It’s just like the old cassette players with start, stop, rewind, and fast forward buttons. Some people that are not tech savvy like going this route because it’s easy. The downside is that when it gets to the end of the tape, then it stops recording.

A digital phone recorder virtually has endless memory available. You can usually record hundreds of hours of conversations just with the built in memory. They are a bit more tricky to learn how to use, but if you’re familiar with electronic gadgets, then you’ll do fine. The nice thing is that you can store your recordings for a long time.  Some models allow you to record to an SD card, or, you can transfer the recordings to your PC.

Whether you decide on cassette or digital phone recording device, either will allow you to record phone calls made by your teenager so you can listen to them later. Just be prepared for what you might hear in the conversations. Have a plan ahead of time so you react the way you most want to.

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