7 Steps To Determine If A Telephone Recording Can Be Used In Court

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A telephone recording can be a powerful piece of evidence during court proceedings, regardless of the nature of a lawsuit (save for instances involving national security, which is a totally different story). But then, not all telephone recordings are eligible to be tagged as such. In this article, let’s discuss the fundamental criteria that qualify […]

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How to Record Cell Phone Calls Cheaply, Easily, Effectively

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To record cell phone conversations is a very important issue, especially for those who frequently use mobile phones for important calls, may the purpose be professional or personal in nature. Fortunately, there are many ways to do it. However, choosing the right one can be a very confusing task. In this article, let us talk […]

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3 Ways Telephone Recording Is Critical For Business Management

Telephone recording is one of the most important weapons for any company manager who’s worth his salt, as phone conversations are the most common among all the types of corporate correspondence.  In this article, let’s talk about the what, the why and the how of phone recording for managers. We all know that we are […]

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5 Steps To Discreetly (and Legally) Record Phone Calls

Do you need to record phone calls discreetly, but you simply don’t know how? In this week’s article, let’s discuss the ins and outs, the dos and don’ts of covert phone recording. There are many reasons why people need to discreetly record phone calls: a cheating spouse, a wayward teen aged child, or even a […]

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How to Choose the Telephone Recording Device that’s Right for You

The telephone recording device has been not spared by the computer revolution. Aside from the usual tape-fed recorders, there are many phone recording devices today that use flash-based memory, and some are even fully integrated into PCs. This begs the question: what should you get? Before proceeding any further, please do not forget to read […]

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Is It Legal? How Phone Recording Device Laws Apply (or Do Not Apply) To You

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Most Americans today own some kind of phone recording device, either in the home or the office. Recording phone calls is an excellent way to gather information that would be too difficult, if not impossible, to directly acquire.  There are many reasons for recording phone conversations, ranging from something as common as routine quality checks […]

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Best Telephone Recorder

Many times people search the internet to find the best telephone recorder. They may get some results of articles or blog posts that say they know the best phone recorder. However, whatever model is best for that other person may not be the one that’s best for you. There are many different needs for a […]

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Phone Call Recording Software

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Now there is great phone call recording software that is easy to install and easy to use. If you have a corded phone and a computer next to it, you can record phone calls directly to your computer. There is hardware that connects your curly handset cord to your computer through a USB connection. The […]

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Phone Recording Devices

There are several types of phone recording devices to choose from.  There are simple handset adapters, cassette recorders, digital recorders, and phone recording software. Which type is right for you? Let’s make the process of decision a little easier and cover each type. The original phone recording devices were suction cup microphones that you attached […]

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Phone Recording A Teenager

If you need to do phone recording of a teenager in your home, there are easy ways to accomplish this.  Depending on your phone service, you can connect a phone recorder to your main phone line and it will record phone calls made on all phones in the home. Choosing which telephone recording device is […]

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