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Office Phone Recording

by Craig

There are many occasions that you may need to do phone recording at your office. You can get either an external device or phone recording software to do the job. Either way, it’s really quite simple.

First of all, let’s discuss using an external device. This would be a hand held telephone recorder that you connect to the phone base. It connects where the handset cord usually plugs in. Then when you want to record phone calls, you just press the start and stop button. It saves the recording to the device. It’s very simple and straightforward.

Phone Recording SoftwareAlternatively, you could install phone recording software if you have a computer right next to your phone. Then you get a piece of hardware that connects your phone base by USB connection to your computer. The phone recording is saved on your computer. This method is also very easy.

The main consideration for you to decide on depends on what you want to do with the recording when you’re done. If you just need to listen to them, then the external device may be fine. If you need to email them or burn them to a CD, the software may be the better choice. It’s a better choice because the recording is already on your computer and you don’t need to go through the process of uploading it from the device.

Whether you go with an external telephone recorder, or you go with telephone recording software, it’s very easy to record phone calls. If you have any questions, please post a comment below or contact us at our store.

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