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Micro Cassette Telephone Recorders

by Craig

Today we’re going to talk about micro cassette telephone recorders. Yesterday we discussed how even in today’s digital world you can still buy cassette telephone recorders. Well, remember the small handheld recorders that used micro cassettes? Yes, those are still available too.

They were the rage back in the 80’s because they were so small and portable. The handheld microcassette tape recorders were everywhere. You started seeing college kids bring them to class to record their lectures. Doctors were using them to dictate patient visit notes for their secretaries to transcribe. Lawyers dictate letters for paralegals to type. Then they became available as telephone recorders too.

It was one of the first spy phone recorders because it was so small. You could easily hide it in a room with an available phone jack. If you needed to, you could quickly disconnect it and put it in your pocket. The micro cassettes were easy to change out and bring to another location to listen to. Tape storage was easy because they are so small.

Well, if you still want a device like this, you can still get micro cassette phone recorders. There’s not many to choose from, but you can find them. Visit the link above for more information on the model we carry.

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