Is It Okay to Record Phone Calls?

by Craig

There are a lot of phone recording devices in the market nowadays, and it is so tempting to buy one and just record your conversations away. You can either install one in your phone line, or even record the calls you get on your mobile phone. Since phone recorders can catch both sides of the conversation, it is a potentially powerful device in proving the veracity of certain claims.

However, the question remains: is it okay to record phone calls? There are some legal and ethical ramifications of call recording. Find out what these are to avoid problems in the future.

The Legality of Phone Recording

In cases like stalking, verbal abuse, and other similar instances, it may be very easy to record the phone call and use the recording as evidence in filing a police report or present it as proof in court later on. Not all states accept these as evidence, though; there are, in fact, some states where phone recording is illegal and may be a basis for a countercharge against you.

In some states, a call recording may be considered legal if consent to be recorded was given. A simple warning will do; say at the beginning of the conversation that the call is being recorded. If the other party proceeds with the conversation, it may be presumed that he has given his consent.

If you’re not sure about the laws regarding phone recording in your state, be sure to consult a legal professional first.

The Ethics of Phone Recording

Even if the law allows you to record phone calls, another thing to consider is the ethics of the act. In monitoring your son’s conversations with his friends, for example, you would not want them to know about your phone recorder. You want them to speak as honestly as they can, and warning them about the recording will only stop them from talking freely.

Going behind your son’s back and spying on his conversations by recording those without his knowledge can be considered ethically wrong. It can even cause damage to your relationship with him should he ever find out the truth. It is important, therefore, to weigh the pros and cons before deciding to record phone calls made by your children or your spouse; will the end result be worth it? If they find out about it, will you be able to explain your decision sufficiently that they will be able to understand you?

Other Reasons to Record Phone Calls

Besides spying, however, there are other reasons for recording phone calls. You can use it as a memory enhancer, as a record of important conversations, as a way to protect yourself, and even as a strategy to stop harassment of a stalker or a debt collector.

The bottom line is just to establish your reasons for wanting to record phone calls, and not use it as a way to spy on others in order to establish your dominance over them. Phone recording can give you a lot of advantages as long as you do it the right way.

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