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How To Use A Phone Recorder

A phone call recorder allows you to record phone conversations so that you can use them later, listen to them again, capture phone seminars, etc. There are many advantages to using a phone recorder, that is…if you know how. The following is a look at how to use one:


The way you use a telephone call recorder really just depends on what kind of phone recorder you purchase. There are all sorts of units available, some better than others. There are many different brands, and types. There are digital and cassette tape devices, each work in their own unique way. However, the best phone recorders can be used by doing the following:


Digital Phone Recorders


When you want to use a digital recorder you want to look for one that allows you to hook it up to a phone jack. The instructions should pretty much be to simply plug the adaptor into ANY phone jack in the house and set the features so that it will automatically record both sides of the conversation on all the phones on that same line, from the one location.


Most digital models come with some sort of adaptor. The adaptor just plugs into a normal wall phone jack, and any call made on the line it is plugged into, no matter what phone in the house is used, gets recorded. This can be really very useful as you can plug it into a phone jack in a bedroom, or other more private room, and record conversations that take place in the kitchen, or any other room in the house.


Some digital models do not require you to plug into a wall phone jack, but rather directly into the handset of the phone. In this case the digital recorder is only going to record calls that take place on that particular phone. This is a good choice if you are only interested in conversations that take place on your phone, a colleagues office, or a child’s bedroom etc.


Cassette Phone Recorders


Most of these recorders are used in a similar way to the digital recorders. However, a cassette tape recorder is larger, and more easily identified, as it looks like an answering machine. To use this kind of recorder you would plug it into a wall phone jack. If you do not want it to be seen plug it in a room that is not used often or into a discreet wall jack. For example, it could be plugged into a phone jack that is behind a dresser, or a bed.


Besides plugging the unit into the phone itself as you would do on a cell phone, or into a wall jack as you would do if you were tapping the phones in a house, there is one other option for recording telephone calls, and that is to hold the digital voice and phone recorder near the phone. This way is not nearly as effective, so you want to look for a phone recorder that actually plugs into the wall jack, or the jack on the cell phone so that you get a clear recording of both ends of the conversation.

To use a phone recorder you will set it up, and then automatically or manually turn it on so that you can record important personal or business conversations.