How To Record Phone Calls, Part 3

by Craig

Now that you know how to record phone calls based on what type of phone service, what’s next? The next most common question is if the phone recorders will automatically record all phone calls that come in the house. Not all recorders will do this. There are two different methods to accomplish this:

True automatic, line detection, recording is the best. This type senses voltage on the line and activates the recorder. When the call is done, then it stops recording. The main advantage of this is that each phone call can be stored as it’s own file. This makes it much easier to search through all the phone calls you have. It also makes it easier if you need to do something with a phone call recording, like send it in an email. Some models will even automatically power itself off when there’s no call on the line and automatically power up when a call starts. This saves on the battery life.

The other type of recording is VOR, or sometimes called VOX. This is voice detection recording. The phone recorders will start and stop when they detect sound on the line. The main purpose for the VOR/VOX is to have the recorder pause recording during long silent periods of the conversation. This feature is very commonly confused with automatic, line detection recording. Although you can use it to sort do automatic recording, the big drawback is that all the phone conversation recordings are all together in the same file. This makes it much harder to search through to find a particular conversation, or to separate out that call to send in email.

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