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How to Record Cell Phone Calls Cheaply, Easily, Effectively

by Craig

To record cell phone conversations is a very important issue, especially for those who frequently use mobile phones for important calls, may the purpose be professional or personal in nature. Fortunately, there are many ways to do it. However, choosing the right one can be a very confusing task.

In this article, let us talk about the three ways on how to record mobile phone calls, along with their ups and downs.

Built-in Recorder Features

You (usually and actually) can record cell phone calls without the use of additional hardware or software. Most cell phone models today add this functionality as a default feature, which is especially true for smartphones and other mobile devices. Typically, you can start the recording process by putting an active call on hold, turning the built-in recording software on, and proceeding with the call as usual.

This option is perfect for those who are on a tight budget (like most of us), and also those who record calls only occasionally. In short, using the built-in recording feature means you wouldn’t need to purchase and carry extra peripherals. After all, why would you need an extra contraption that you’ll use only once in a blue moon?

However, this option can be quite problematic when done on a regular basis, especially when you’re on the go, or the person on the other end of line cannot afford to wait. To complicate it even further, you may even forget to record the call sometimes. Unfortunately, these calls might be the ones that would actually matter.

Computer-based Recording Software

The second most common way to record cell phone conversations is through the use of computer-based software. (Note that I used the term computer-based, as some software programs are for mobile devices, just like what was discussed in the previous section.) These programs are installed on a PC or Mac, and require a stable connection between the computer and your cellular phone. In essence, this is the same thing that the fictional CIA operatives used in the “Bourne” movie trilogy.

This is a great option for those who want to use the additional features of their computer when recording telephone calls. For example, your sound card and its drivers can help in terms of noise reduction or even noise cancellation. Moreover, with today’s humongous hard drives, you will have access to virtually limited storage space.

However, the mere fact that you will need a real, full-size (i.e. clunky) computer means that your mobile phone will cease to be as mobile as it once was. It (or at least its SIM card) will have to be grounded in one place. Thus, for most of us who are used to having (or those of us who need to bring) our trusty old phones with us all the time. Unfortunately, that accounts for 99 percent of the population.

Dedicated, Compact Cellphone Call Recorders

There are many standalone devices out there that record cell phone conversations while you’re on the move. These devices work by tapping onto your cellular phone’s line and recording the conversation as you speak. For example, the FSV-512 266-Hour Phone and Cell Phone Digital Recorder comes with a special custom-built hands-free microphone. This microphone goes in your ear, and lets the recorder tap into a phone conversation at the same time.

Using a standalone recorder can be considered as the advantages of the first two options combined. First, it is light and discreet, thereby letting you go on with your regular activities without feeling the extra weight. Second, it is especially designed for cellphone recording, and thus has features that can only be found on computer based devices. With a dedicated recorder, you can record phone calls all the time – minus the heavy equipment that’s usually associated with the ordeal.

Recording cell phone calls may sound complicated and difficult to do. However, with a reasonable amount of casual research, you’ll realize that it’s not as complicated as most people think it is.

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