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FSV-256 133-Hour Phone and Cell Phone Digital Recorder

Model #: FSV-256

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FSV-258 Phone Recorder
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We have searched long and hard to bring you these Brand New phone recorders that are also cell phone recorders!

The FSV-510 Plus comes with everything you need to record home telephone and cell phone calls! Set-up is about 30 seconds! Simply plug the adaptor into ANY telephone jack in the house and AUTOMATICALLY record both sides of the conversation on all the phones on that same line, from the one location. No beeps, clicks, or any noise will be heard whatsoever.

Room Recorder - using the VOR mode, this unit can be left for extended periods of time in a room, and it will automatically record any sound activity in the room, cutting out the quiet time.

Works on regular home telephones, cordless phones, and Cell Phones too!

Works with DSL too! - (You just have to use a good DSL filter on the line.)

Also comes with a Universal Cell Phone Adapter to record your cell phone conversations too! - Works with ANY model cell phone! (Including iPhone, Blackberry, etc.)

Click the video to see what comes with the FSV Phone Recorder:


Here's a new accessory: Universal Cell Phone Adapter we include FREE

cell phone adapter

Main Features:

  • Telephone Recording
    You can record the important telephone conversations and messages
  • Records all Incoming and Outgoing calls
  • Record both sides of the conversation
  • Cell Phone Recorder - Universal!
  • Firmware Upgrade Function
  • Easily convert phone recording files to .WAV format on your PC
  • High-quality Design
    Comfortable Grip and Dynamic Design
  • Long Recording Time
    In LP mode, = 133 hours and 20 minutes (128MB).
  • USB digital Interface
    Download and upload files Easily thru PC connection.
  • Automatic Power Off
    Automatically turns off when the recorder is not in use for more than three minutes.
  • Recording Quality Mode
    Recording quality can be selected using four maode, XQ/HQ/SP/LP.
  • VOR Recording
    The Recorder activates when sound is present, so that it may save memory space for eliminating blank space in recording.
  • Microphone Sensitivity
    Microphone sensitivity can be adjusted according to the distance from the sound source and the ambient noise level.
  • Repeated Playback
    Any desired recorded file can be played repeatedly.
  • Section Repeat Playback
  • Quick Message Search
    Desired recorded message can be easily searched by scan function while playing back.
  • Beep Sound
    Beep sound can be set to sound at every press of the button.
  • Vibration Mode on Recording
    Secret Recording with Vibration on Recording On and Off.
  • Additional Recording (Appendix)
    You can add the recording to the same file number without affecting the original.
  • Time Indicator for Remained Recording
  • All in One Menu Button
  • Recorded Message Monitoring
    Recording can be monitored through earphone during recording.
  • File Search (Intro Scan)
    Intro scan function consecutively plays the first 7 seconds of each file for easy search of the recorded messages.
  • Playback Speed
    It's possible to set playback speed in 7 steps, 50/70/100(normal)130/150/170/200%
  • Hearing Aids
    Could even use the device like a hearing aid, by using the microphone and earphones to adjust volume levels without using the recording function.


1. Telephone Recording Adapter
2. Cell Phone Adapter
3. Stereo Headphones
4. USB Cable
5. Voice Manager Pro Installation CD (PC only - not MAC compatible)
6. 2 x AAA Battery
7. User's Manual
8. Audio Cable
9. Telephone Cord
10. External Lapel Microphone that clips on your shirt!
11. External Microphone
12. Hand Strap

: Please click here If you want to use this on an office PBX phone line system.

FSV-256 Phone Recording Accessories




Everything you need to get started is included with this package! These are the best phone recorders we have found!

Click this link to: View/Download FSV Owner Manual

You can also get an optional AC Adapter sold separately (we highly recommend getting one if you will use the recorder more than just occasionally.)


For a brief demonstration of this phone recorder and also the optional battery pack, click the Play button on the video below:


Check your phone line compatibility:

  • Standard Home Telephone – no special requirements
  • Magic Jack - yes! it works with Magic Jack!
  • DSL phone service – simply put a good DSL filter on the line
  • Vonage/Cable/VOIP/digital phone service – If your wall jacks can use the same old regular phones from before you switched to digital, then there are no special requirements. However, if you had to get new digital phones to use in the wall jacks, then you will also need the handset adapter.
  • PBX/Office phone lines – it will work with the handset adapter.


Questions on FSV-256 133-Hour Phone and Cell Phone Digital Recorder

  • From: MY maira
    • hi
      for fixed line phone recording : when attached to any socket on the same house/line, will it start and stop recording call automatically ?
    • Hi Maira, yes, it will automatically start and stop recording when it detects the phone line is in use. You can connect the recorder to any active wall jack in the house, and then it will record all phones in the house no matter what wall jack the phone being used is plugged into. This is because it is connected directly into the phone line and not the actual phone. Here's how it works:

      To automatically record unattended, simply connect it to the wall jack, turn the power on, and you're all set. It will shut itself off after a couple of minutes (to save on the battery power) but then when someone picks up a phone to make a call, or when an incoming call is answered, then it will automatically turn itself on and begin recording. When the call is done, it will stop recording and again power itself off after a few minutes (to again save on battery life) and wait for the next call and again power up when the next call starts. Each call will be saved as its own file.
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  • From: Olga
    • Hi,

      Can I plug it in the Cable modem directly instead of my phone, and plug the phone in the additional jack on this adapter? Will it work?

      Thank you.
    • Hi Olga, yes that's exactly how it works for connecting to a cable modem.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
  • From: Joseph
    • My Magic Jack is plugged into one of my iMac computer's USB ports, and my Plantronics Head Set is plugged into the Magic Jack. Where do I plug the Recorder into?
    • Hi Joseph, what you would do is get a 1-to-2 splitter so you can plug both the telephone and the recorder into the Magic Jack at the same time. (The splitter plugs into the Magic Jack, and then that splitter has two slots on it for you to plug both in.) You can get these splitters usually anywhere they sell telephone accessories, like Walmart, Radio Shack, Target, Kmart, etc., or, if you're buying the recorder from us now, just add a note in the Comments section when you're in the checkout saying that you need a 1-to-2 splitter and we will include one for free for you.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
  • From: Jon
    • I want to record on my cell phone conversations please explain how is would work ?
    • Hi Jon, please look at the picture of the universal cell phone adapter, you'll see that one end of it is a plug and the other end of it is an earpiece. You put the plug into the phone recorder, and the ear piece in your ear. Then, you hold your cell phone up to that same ear and have your cell phone conversation as usual. (It doesn't actually even plug into the cell phone, that's how it's universal and will work with all brands.) There's a built in microphone in the ear piece that picks up both sides of the conversation.
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  • From: smokey
    • Can you plug in the ear buds while recording a cell phone conversation while a third person listens to the conversation.
    • Hi Smokey, yes you can plug in the earphones and have a third person listen to the conversion as it's being recorded.
    • Do you find this question helpful?  Yes   No
  • From: Bob
    • Does the unit emit a beeping sound or otherwise alert the other party the call is being recorded?

      And does the earpiece/microphone really pick up both sides of the call on a cell phone?
    • Hi Bob, no there is not a beep or any sound that would alert the other party you're recording. Yes the cell phone adapter does pick up both sides of the conversation. (Please see the explanation of how it works just two questions above this one.)
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