Digital Phone Recorders

by Craig

These days the digital phone recorders really makes phone recording easy. There are no more cassette tapes to have to deal with. No more turning the tape over, or running out of tape before the end of the call. Digital phone recorders solve these problems and add an abundance of new features.

Gone are the days of having to rely on cassette tapes when you want to record phone calls. Phone recording devices on the market now are mostly digital. The conversations can be recorded in digital quality and be stored indefinitely without worrying about the call quality going down over time.

Some digital phone recorders record directly to WAV or MP3 format, which makes it very convenient to upload to your computer and share with others. Some do record to their own proprietary format, but usually come with software to convert to WAV or MP3.

If you get a phone recorder that records in compressed WAV format, it makes it really easy to email to other people. They can just play the recording using Windows Media Player, so it’s universally compatible.

Storage is a breeze because you can transfer the recording to your computer. You can save the files with the date and time of the call. This makes adds great value to phone recording archives when you need to pull up a certain call on a certain day.

If you are contemplating between cassette and digital phone recorders, I would highly recommend going digital. There are so many advantages that that put it far ahead of the alternative.

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