Curious About Keystroke Loggers?

by Craig

Do you feel like there is something going on in your home on the computer? Some signs that less than honest activity is going with your kids or spouse are:

-If they suddenly log off the computer when you come into the room.
-Do they get annoyed when you stand there and speak to them?
-Do you notice flashing message indicators that they don’t answer in your presence?
-Do they get up as early as possibly or sit up until very late on the computer?
-Are they spending unexplained money sending gifts to online friends?
-Are they receiving post office mail at an outside post office box instead of the home address?
-Are they turning down time for the family in favor of sitting online?

You may have a case of addiction to role playing games (RPG), internet addiction or you may have someone that is actively engaging in an online affair. Since the advent of chat rooms and instant messaging, online affairs that spill over into real physical contact have unfortunately become more commonplace. The loss off time, money and affection can make these affairs just as hurtful as a physical affair.

One way to get the truth is to use a keystroke logger, but don’t just get the cheapest one you can get. Many antivirus and spyware programs will detect the keystroke logger. If you want to get the truth about what’s going on with your computer and you want to do it in an undetectable manner, get KEYKatcher typing key loggers. It is undetectable to use and will create an easy to read report that includes web addresses visited, other email accounts visited – including log in and password, and instant messaging and chat room activities. Usually people that are involved in activities they would rather not have their parents or spouse find out about will include setting up an email address to receive correspondence and even photos with the other person.

Put an end to your wondering and use a KEYstroke logger, you can put your mind at ease if you find you were worrying about absolutely nothing or if there is an issue with your child or your spouse, it’s time address the deceptive behavior and decide where you want to go from there.

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