Cell Phone Recorders

by Craig

There are cell phone recorders that allow you to record phone calls from any brand. You cannot secretly record cell phones that belong to other people (that’s illegal). You can only record your own. Most cell phones don’t have a call recording app, so that’s where cell phone recorders come in handy.

When they first came out, there were a couple of adapters you could use to connect cell phone recorders to your phone. But there were compatibility issues with all the different phones. Now there is a universal cell phone adapter that will work with all phones.

The way the adapter works is one end of it is a plug and the other end of it is an earpiece.  You put the plug into the recorder, and the ear piece in your ear.  Then, you hold your cell phone up to that same ear and have your conversation as usual. It doesn’t actually even plug into the cell phone, that’s how it’s universal and will work with all brands. There’s a built in microphone in the ear piece that picks up both sides of the conversation on the recording.

Many of the telephone recorders we carry now come with the cell phone adapter included. Just check what’s included with each package to be sure. Some people like having the adapter even to record phone calls from other types of phones, such as when they’re at work, or on their web phones.

When you have important conversations you need to record, a cell phone recorder will really cover all situations for you. Visit our store to see the selection of phone recording devices.

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