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7 Reasons Why You Would Want a Phone Recorder

by Craig

What do you think of when you hear the words “phone recorder”? Is it the image of a detective recording the confession of a criminal? Or would you think of a spy lurking in the background, recording and eavesdropping on a conversation? While these images may exist out of the fertile imaginations of their creators, the fact is that, in this day and age, a phone recorder can be a very useful tool, not only for professionals, but even for a regular citizen like you.

What is a Phone Recorder?

A phone recorder is a gadget that can record and save a phone conversation into either a digital format or a cassette tape. Most people now choose digital, as it is more convenient and the files can easily be played back using any computer or MP3 player. It can also record both sides of the conversation, and you can choose to capture not only outgoing but incoming calls as well.

There are many kinds of phone recording devices that are available for you to choose from, depending on how you will use it and what you can afford. It has a range of uses, too, and before you conclude that you don’t need to have one, here are seven possible reasons why you should.


Use the Phone Recorder for Prevention

None of us want to spy on anyone, much less our families, but when it comes to their welfare, we can do almost anything. A phone recorder can be used for prevention in the following cases:

  1. When your children become teenagers, it can be difficult for them to share their concerns with their parents. They would much rather keep their problems to themselves. Have you ever told yourself that you would do anything to listen to their conversations and find out if they are in trouble or not? Well, with the use of a phone recorder, you can do that, and you will know when to intervene without telling your children your source of information. If they had been on the brink of doing something stupid, they would be glad for your timely intervention!
  2. If you have other people living with you, such as a relative, a babysitter, or a friend, it can be difficult to find out who has been using the phone for long-distance calls, especially when no one would own up to it. Prevent being charged a huge phone bill by using the phone recorder to find out who has been making unauthorized calls.
  3. You may have suspicions about your partner cheating on you. Rather than go all-out in accusing your spouse, use the phone recorder to find out if there is really something going on. All too often, when we accuse without proof, the situation only gets worse. With a recording device, you will know what to do to either save your relationship, or to end it once and for all.


Use the Phone Recorder for Protection

Aside from preventing things from happening in your family, a phone recorder can also be a very useful tool to protect yourself from misunderstanding, miscommunication, and misrepresentation of the situation.

  1. If you are being harassed or being stalked, you would need some proof to show to the police that someone is indeed persisting on calling you without your consent. Use the phone recorder to record both sides of the conversations and send the file to your lawyer. It may be enough proof of the offense to file a case against your stalker or at least get a restraining order.
  2. When you’re running a business, and you are on the phone talking to clients most of the time, you may not have a lot of time to jot down notes and remember everything that you have discussed. By recording your conversations, you can go back to them anytime to remember the pertinent points raised and the agreements made.
  3. If you’re in a profession where a split-second decision can mean life or death, recording your instructions could protect you from being wrongfully sued. If you’re a doctor, for example, and you’re giving instructions to a nurse on the phone, recording the conversation would ensure that you would be protected from a malpractice suit should the nurse mishear your instructions and gives a patient the wrong medication.


Use the Phone Recorder to Help You Remember

Lastly, though, the telephone recording can just be a simple record of conversations, which you may want to remember for whatever reasons – from details of what your partner would like you to do, to a message that someone would like you to pass on. It is this mundane use of the gadget, which makes it very useful in everyday life.

Whatever the purpose of the recording will be, either for personal or business reasons, it is patently obvious that a phone recorder is something that would be really helpful in your home. Please add your comments in the comments box below.


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